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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2017 06


Activist detained incommunicado for 17 days
Saudi Arabian human rights defender Ali Shaaban has been detained incommunicado since 15 May, raising fears that he might be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. He may be a prisoner of conscience.
Crackdown on Formosa spill activists continues
The Vietnamese authorities are continuing to crackdown on activists who have raised concerns about the 2016 Formosa environmental disaster and its aftermath. On 12 May 2017, an arrest warrant was issued for activist Bạch Hồng Quyền, who is now in hiding, while human rights defender and blogger Hoàng Đức Bình has been detained since 15 May 2017. Other activists are also facing harassment and intimidation, and are at risk of arrest.
Activists held under administrative detention
G Thirumurugan Gandhi, D Arun Kumar, M Tyson, and Ilamaran were arrested on 21 May 2017 for attempting to stage a peaceful memorial for Tamils killed in the final stages of the civil war in Sri Lanka. Currently detained under a Tamil Nadu administrative detention law, they are at risk of being held without charge or trial for 12 months.
Execution set in circumstantial Alabama case
Robert Melson is scheduled to be executed in Alabama on 8 June . He was convicted on circumstantial evidence and sentenced to death in May 1996 for three murders during a robbery in 1994. He has consistently maintained that he was not involved in the crime.
Saudi Arabian activist detained after deportation
Saudi Arabian human rights defender Mohammad al-Otaibi has been detained in Saudi Arabia since 25 May after he was deported from Qatar. He was travelling to Norway where he had been granted asylum. He is a prisoner of conscience.
Sick elderly Iranian activist on travel ban
Elderly human rights defender Dr Mohammad Maleki, 84, is being prevented from leaving Iran to visit his children in the Netherlands and Canada. The authorities have placed him on a travel ban since 2011, in reprisal for his peaceful human rights activism. He suffers from several serious health problems and wants to be reunited with his family.
Human rights defender threatened with violence
Prominent human rights defender Sultana Kamal has received threats of violence from the Islamist group Hefazat-e-Islam, following comments she made on a TV talk show. The authorities must take immediate steps to ensure Sultana Kamal’s protection, investigate the threats made against her and hold those responsible to account.
Torture survivor at risk of arbitrary detention
Torture survivor, Murad Amriev, lodged a complaint against his torturers in Chechnya, and is currently at risk of being detained and escorted to Chechnya were he would be at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.
Hundreds stranded at Mexico–Guatemala border
Approximately 400 people from rural Guatemala are stranded at the Mexico-Guatemala border in temporary shelters and tents, without adequate access to water, food, or medical supplies, after a Guatemalan court order was executed to evict them. Babies, children and elderly people are suffering from conditions such as diarrhea and fever, and there is little access to humanitarian support.
Activists detained for shoe factory research
Three labour activists who were conducting undercover research investigations into the labour conditions at Huajian shoe factories, which supply to Ivanka Trump’s brand among others, were taken away by the authorities in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province in late May. State media announced that they have been criminally detained and are under investigation.
Release Amnesty International chair Taner Kılıç
Chair of Amnesty International Turkey Taner Kılıç was detained on 6 June, wrongly accused of membership of the «Fethullahist Terrorist Organization». On 9 June he has been remanded in pre-trial detention. The charges against him must be dropped and he must be released immediately and unconditionally.
Detained media workers charged with defamation
Two media workers have been detained and charged with “online defamation’’ in connection with a satirical article mocking the Myanmar Army. They each face up to three years’ imprisonment if found guilty and convicted. They are prisoners of conscience who must be immediately and unconditionally released.
Indigenous defenders attacked and at risk
Aura Lolita Chávez, a renowned Guatemalan human rights defender and Indigenous leader, and members of her organization the K’iche People’s Council (CPK) were threatened and attacked by unidentified armed men. The defenders are currently in hiding and fear for their lives. Guatemalan authorities must take action to protect them.
Syrian Kurdish activists arbitrarily detained
Syrian Kurdish opposition activists Mohsen Taher, Amin Hussam and Bashar Amin have been arrested by the Asayish, the police force of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)-led Autonomous Administration, in the north-eastern region of Syria. The first two activists were detained on 9 May, and the third one on 21 May. All three men are currently held in poor conditions at Allaya prison in Qamishli, north-eastern Syria, without being charged.
Delusional disorder diagnosed, execution set
William Morva, a 35-year-old US-Hungarian national, is due to be executed in Virginia on 6 July. A psychiatrist has diagnosed him with delusional disorder, and concluded that this contributed to the crimes for which he was sentenced to death. The jury was not told that he had this serious mental disability.
Opposition politician facing trumped up charges
Opposition politician Adam Azim has been arrested and is facing trumped up charges in Maldives after criticizing the government in a TV interview. He is currently being held at a prison on Dhoonidhoo Island. He risks up to 17 years in prison if he is convicted.
Lawyer arrested for «subversion»
Jiang Tianyong, human rights lawyer detained under «residential surveillance in a designated location» for over six months, has been formally arrested for «subverting state power». Held incommunicado and without access to a lawyer, he is at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.
Health fears for imprisoned Canadian pastor
Lim Hyeon-soo, sentenced to life in prison in hard labour in North Korea, has developed a host of health problems including malnutrition, high blood pressure, arthritis, and stomach problems as a side effect of medicine that was not properly administered. Lim Hyeon-soo has been detained by North Korean authorities allegedly for “plotting to overthrow the government”.
Exiled journalist receiving death threats online
Exiled investigative journalist Keiso Mohloboli has been receiving death threats and intimidation online after publishing a Facebook post.
University students arrested after protest
Eight university students and three members of a political party’s student wing in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh have been in detention since 7 June. The students had participated in a protest against the Lucknow University and the state Chief Minister by carrying black flags and trying to block the state Chief Minister’s convoy. A local court in Lucknow has denied them bail.
Palestinian University professor in detention
An Israeli military judge confirmed a three-month administrative detention order against Ahmad Qatamesh on 13 June. The Palestinian academic was arbitrarily detained under an administrative order issued on 17 May. He has been held since 14 May without charge or trial in Ofer prison. Ahmad Qatamesh is a prisoner of conscience.
Minority rights journalist attacked and injured
Pakistani minority rights journalist Rana Tanweer faced an assassination attempt on 9 June. He was attacked in a hit and run accident and fractured his leg. Days before, his home was vandalised and he was threatened for his writing. The authorities have not provided him and his family with adequate protection nor held the perpetrators to account.
Defender at risk of continued detention in Egypt
The South Banha prosecutor renewed on 18 June the detention for human rights defender Hanan Badr el-Din for 15 more days. The defender has been detained since 6 May, while the prosecutor investigates her on charges of belonging to a banned group.
Activist detained for commemorating June 4
Activist Li Xiaoling was criminally detained on suspicion of «picking quarrels and provoking trouble» for commemorating the 28th anniversary of the Tiananmen Crackdown. She is suffering from glaucoma but has not been given proper treatment. Eight others were also detained for the same charge.
Death threat for human rights lawyer and family
Human rights lawyer Lê Quốc Quân has received warnings from Việt Nam’s Ministry of Public Security officials that he and his family could be killed if he meets with visiting foreign dignitaries. They are under surveillance and at risk of being assaulted, injured or killed.
Yemeni academic held incommunicado for 57 days
Professor and political figure Mustafa al-Mutawakel has been held incommunicado by the internationally recognized Yemeni government forces in an unknown location for almost two months. He is in urgent need of medical care and at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.
Detained Kurdish activist in critical health
The health of Suleiman Abdulmajid Oussou has critically deteriorated since 21 June. The Syrian Kurdish opposition activist has been arbitrarily detained by the Asayish, the police force of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)-led Autonomous Administration, in the north-eastern region of Syrian, since 23 May. He is currently held in poor conditions in Allaya prison in Qamishli, north-eastern Syria, without being charged.
Human rights defender charged with obstruction
Human rights defender and lawyer Siti Kasim has been charged with «obstruction» in connection with a raid on a transgender event held in April 2016. She could face up to two years in prison or a maximum fine of RM10,000 (USD 2,331) or both, if convicted.
Risk of excessive force against protestors
People peacefully protesting against a mining project in Casillas, Guatemala, and by-standers were tear gassed and dispersed by riot police on 22 June. There are concerns of further excessive use of force as police presence continues in the community.
Threats against journalists
Menchi Barriocanal and Oscar Acosta, Paraguayan journalists and married couple, were threatened with imprisonment by president Horacio Cartes on 23 June during his participation in a rally in Ciudad del Este, where he falsely accused them of inciting violence during demonstrations that took place in March.
Saudi Arabian at risk of imminent execution
Saudi Arabian Said Mabkhout al-Sai’ari is at risk of imminent execution. He was sentenced to death after an unfair trial, he exhausted all his appeals and is likely to be executed anytime after 2 July.
Romani families left homeless, others at risk
Around 600 Romani individuals fear destruction of their homes in the informal settlement of Germagnano in Turin, northern Italy. At least 7 families were left homeless after being forcibly evicted and their homes demolished. Municipal authorities have failed to carry out any consultation to identify adequate alternative housing for all families.
Hundreds at imminent risk of forced eviction
Hundreds of residents in neighbourhoods of the Sur district in Diyarbakır province, south eastern Turkey, are at imminent risk of forced eviction. For over a month now, their water and electricity supplies have been cut off, in an apparent attempt to force them out. They have not been adequately consulted or compensated.
Human rights defender and journalist charged
30.6.2017 - Human rights defender Rafael Marques de Morais and journalist Mariano Brás Lourenço have formally been charged with ‘defamation of a public authority’ and ‘outrage to a sovereign body’ in relation to an article they published on questionable acquisition of public land by the Angolan General Public Prosecutor. Both charges carry a penalty of one year in prison and three years in prison respectively.
Three media workers detained and charged
Three journalists have been detained and are facing up to three years in prison simply for peacefully carrying out their work in conflict-affected northern Shan State in Myanmar. They are prisoners of conscience who must be immediately and unconditionally released.
Journalist missing in eastern Ukraine
Stanislav Aseev, a freelance journalist, has been missing in the self-proclaimed «Donetsk People’s Republic» («DNR») in eastern Ukraine since 2 June. His family and friends fear that he has been detained by the de facto authorities and is at risk of torture and ill-treatment.
Attempts to weaken draft abortion law
A proposed law aimed at decriminalizing abortion under specific circumstances in Chile is facing possible amendments that would further restrict access to legal abortion and related sexual and reproductive health services for women and girls, putting their lives and well-being at risk.