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UA 040/17
Abgeschlossen am 24. März 2017

Transgender lawyer and daughter threatened by police

AI-Index: AMR 53/5651/2017

Transgender lawyer Samantha Seijas was threatened by a police officer from the Aragua Police Force, in central Venezuela, while filing a complaint in a police station accompanied by his daughter. Fears exist for their safety.

On 31 January, after filing a complaint at a police station, transgender lawyer Samantha Seijas and his daughter Aleska Seijas were beaten about the head and face by police officers from the Police Force of Aragua, who uttered derogatory phrases such as «what happened to trying to act all manly?» (¿no te la tiras de macho?), referring to his gender identity. He told Amnesty International that as well as beating them, one of the officers threatened Samantha by saying «pray to God that I don’t find you out alone at night» (pídele a Dios que no te encuentre de noche sola por la calle). It is important to note that Samantha Seijas and his daughter live in front of the police station.

The day after these events, Samantha Seijas presented a complaint before the Public Prosecutor’s office. He is afraid that the proximity of the police station and by extension, the presence of the police officers from the Aragua Police Force, will lead to the threats being carried out.

To date, there have been no reports of an investigation having been initiated based on Samantha Seijas’ complaint.


The Aragua Police Force has a history of excessive use of force. In 2016 there were complaints of excessive use of force during demonstrations, such as in the case of Laura Lara, the victim of a brutal beating which was caught on video, carried out by various male police officers from the Aragua State Police Force, in central Venezuela. There have also been reports registered of harassment of LGBTI individuals in the past by this police force.
Among other complaints, there have been cases where police officers from the Aragua Police Force have been implicated in the harassment, threatening and murder of members of the Barrios family since 1998, confirmed by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in their 2011 ruling. To date, the events have not been investigated, nor have the respective perpetrators been identified.

Name: Samantha Seijas (transgender man) and Aleska Seijas (female)

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