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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2015 07


Human rights activist detained, risks torture
Human rights activist Liu Shaoming is being held by police, and the authorities have prevented his lawyer from meeting with him. He is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. Liu Shaoming was detained shortly after publishing a piece online about his experience during the Tiananmen crackdown in 1989 and his work as a labour rights activist in China.
Director of human rights NGO threatened
Iván Madero Vergel, the director of the non-governmental human rights organization Corporación Regional para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CREDHOS), based in Barrancabermeja, northern Colombia, has been threatened twice in recent days.
Detained for protesting arrests of «Maoists»
Two young men were arrested on 13 June in Tamil Nadu, India, after protesting the arrest of five people for offences including allegedly belonging to a banned Maoist armed group. They are now being held under the same charge, which carries a possible sentence of life imprisonment. They were denied bail on 26 June and continue to be held in judicial custody.
Youth activists arbitrarily arrested
Fifteen activists have been arbitrarily arrested by the security forces in Angola, in connection with a meeting to discuss politics and governance concerns. They have been accused of planning to disrupt public order and the public security of the country.
Sentence completed, but not released
A man called Walid Yunis Ahmad is being held in a prison in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq more than three months after he was due to be released.
Caller threatened to kill missing man’s mother
An anonymous caller has threatened to kill a woman searching for her son, who was subjected to enforced disappearance in 2014. Her life may be in danger.
Another Missouri execution imminent
David Zink, aged 56, is due to be executed on 14 July in Missouri. He was sentenced to death in July 2004 for a murder committed three years earlier.
Deep sea residents at risk of forced eviction
Thousands of residents of the Deep Sea informal settlement in Nairobi are facing imminent forced eviction as a notice served by Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) expires on 8 July.
Women risk flogging for «indecent» clothing
The Public Order Police have charged 10 female Christian students with «indecent dress» and subjected them to verbal abuse during their detention. The charge carries the punishment of flogging.
Protect Uighurs from return to torture
Some 50 ethnic Uighurs detained in Thailand for irregular entry must be protected from forcible transfer to any country where they may face torture. Fears for the individuals are heightened following the Thai authorities’ forcible deportation to China of around 100 other individuals on 8 July 2015.
Seven missing in feared attack on law firm
At least seven people affiliated with a law firm in Beijing are missing and believed to have been detained, in what appears to be a coordinated attack on the law firm.
Whereabouts of radio director unknown
The managing director the Gambian Radio Station Teranga FM, Alagie Abdoulaye Ceesay, was taken on 2 July by two men and since then his whereabouts are unknown.
Two trans women killed and another injured
One transgender woman was found dead on the night of 4 to 5 July in Cali, south-western Colombia. Two other trans women were injured, one of them fatally, following attacks with knives during a separate incident, also in Cali.
South Korean student arrested in North Korea
South Korean student Joo Won-moon is at risk of a long prison sentence and possibly torture and other ill-treatment after having been detained by North Korean authorities in April. No information on a trial has yet been announced.
Activists tortured for alleged «flag-burning»
Two activists for the rights of Iran’s Azerbaijani Turkish minority have been sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly burning the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Amnesty International fears that the sentences are unjustified, politically-motivated and based on «confessions» extracted under torture.
Blogger in detention for political satire
Political activist and blogger Darya Poliudova is serving five days in detention for online satire and criticism of Russia’s policy towards Ukraine.
Roma families at risk of being made homeless
Fifty-three Roma families are facing imminent forced eviction in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. They arrived in the settlement, in the Zemun municipality, between 1999 and 2000, having been internally displaced from Kosovo. Between 7 and 10 July they were served with orders to demolish their homes. They have not been offered any alternative housing and are at risk of homelessness.
Two men facing trial for Facebook post
Economist Carlos Nuno Castel-Branco and newspaper editor Fernando Mbanze have been charged with crimes against the security of the state in relation to a Facebook post on poor governance in Mozambique. Their trial begins on 3 August.
Execution date set for mentally ill man
Khizar Hayat’s execution is scheduled for 28 July . He has suffered from a mental disability since 2008 and has taken medication regularly since then. International law prohibits the execution of those with mental and intellectual disabilities
Indigenous community faces forced eviction
Fifteen families of the Apika’y Indigenous community in central-western Brazil will be forcibly evicted in early August if a judicial decision by the Federal Justice Court of Dourados, issued on 21 May, is carried out.
Juvenile offender near to execution
Juvenile offender Salar Shadizadi is at imminent risk of execution for a murder allegedly committed when he was 15 years old. He is scheduled to be executed on 1 August .
Death sentences for al-Gaddafi officials
A Libyan court has sentenced to death nine men, all former members of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi’s regime, including his son Saif al-Islam and head of Military Intelligence Abdallah al-Senussi. The men’s trial was seriously flawed.
Political activist detained over speech
Political activist Ebrahim Sharif has been detained and charged for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression in a speech he gave at a public gathering. He is a prisoner of conscience.
Hundreds of Roma at risk of forced eviction
126 Romani families are at risk of forced eviction in Gurmen municipality, Bulgaria. Eight families have already been rendered homeless. Bulgarian authorities must put in place key international human rights safeguards and ensure that no one is forcibly evicted.
Drop terror charges against Ukrainian activists
Film director Oleg Sentsov and ecologist Aleksandr Kolchenko are on trial in a military court in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. They are Ukrainian citizens and residents of Crimea who opposed its Russian annexation. The excessive charges of terrorism on allegations of property destruction and recurring torture allegations give rise to fair trial concerns.