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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2015 06


Activists in unknown location, risk torture
Syrian activists Hani al-Zitani, Hussein Gharir and Mazen Darwish should have been presented in court on 1 June, but were not. Their whereabouts are unknown and they are at risk of torture and other ill-treatment.
Threats against widower of murdered defender
The widower of a human rights defender killed in 2010 has received information concerning plans to take his life. The threats follow a series of intimidating acts directed at him and others that are calling for the investigation of the murder.
Joint Mobile Group office ransacked by mob
The office of Joint Mobile Group, a human rights group working in Chechnya, was attacked by a group of masked men in the Chechen capital, Grozny, on 3 June. Two JMG members had to evacuate the office through a window to escape a violent mob.
Prison for anti-death penalty activist
Anti-death penalty activist Atena Daemi has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for her peaceful activism. She has been held in Tehran’s Evin Prison since October 2014, when she was arrested. She is a prisoner of conscience.
Defender subjected to sexual violence
Uzbekistani human rights defender Elena Urlaeva was detained by police officers on 31 May and subjected to torture, sexual violence and humiliation to force her to surrender her camera’s memory card. The memory card contained photographic evidence of human rights violations documented by Elena Urlaeva.
Defenders at risk following breach of privacy
The private communications of two human rights defenders may be being monitored by the Venezuelan authorities. This appears to be an attempt to restrict their ability to freely carry out their legitimate human rights work. The two men, their colleagues and the people they represent might be at risk.
Political cartoonist faces lengthy jail sentence
Malaysian political cartoonist Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque, also known as »Zunar», is facing nine charges under the draconian Sedition Act for tweets criticizing the judiciary. A court hearing is set for 7 July. If convicted for more than one charge he will face a long term custodial sentence.
Jailed blogger on hunger strike
Vietnamese blogger Ta Phong Tan, serving a 10-year prison sentence, has been on hunger strike since 13 May in protest at her harsh treatment by prison guards. She is reported to be weak and in poor health. She is a prisoner of conscience.
Chinese activist detained following protest
Prominent activist Wu Gan (also known as ‘Butcher’) has been criminally detained in China on suspicion of «picking quarrels and provoking troubles» and defamation. This follows his demonstration outside a courthouse in support of a group of lawyers’ demand to examine court documents from an alleged case of miscarriage of justice.
«T-shirt wearer’s» prison sentence extended
Belarusian prisoner of conscience Yury Rubtsou has had his prison sentence extended to two years for «refusing to work» in a penal colony. He was originally sentenced for wearing a T-shirt that called on the president of Belarus to resign.
Brazil must not let children be tried as adults
A proposed constitutional amendment in Brazil will change the age at which children can be tried as adults from 18 to 16 years. This will violate a number of national and international laws, including Brazil’s obligation to protect the rights of the child.
Death threats against russian journalist
Elena Milashina, a Russian journalist covering Chechnya at the independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper, received death threats passed through an article on the Chechen government’s online news agency Grozny-Inform.
Urgent health concern for two detainees
Dogius Koly Théa and Kala Honomou, two men arbitrarily detained in Guinea, and with deteriorating health, are in need of urgent medical treatment. Since their arrest on 7 May, they have not been charged with a recognizable offense nor brought before a court.
Ex-MP arrested for critical speech
Former Kuwaiti MP Musallam al-Barrak was arrested on 13 June to serve a two-year prison sentence on charges relating to a speech he had made in October 2012. He is a prisoner of conscience.
Jailed Iraqi woman on hunger strike in Iran
An Iraqi woman, Basima Al-Jibouri, imprisoned in Iran since 2011, is critically ill: she has been on hunger strike since 8 April. She has served four years of a five-year sentence for «espionage», apparently imposed for associating with an Iranian diplomat in Iraq.
Fears for two activists detained
Two activists associated with the prominent anti-discrimination NGO Yirenping were detained on 12 June on suspicion of «illegal business operations». Guo Bin and Yang Zhangqing have since been transferred to Henan province, but their exact whereabouts are unknown. They are at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.
Students at risk of arrest for peaceful protest
Thai authorities have announced they will arrest 16 students unless they report to police on 19 June. The students have all been charged for peacefully protesting on the first anniversary of Thailand’s 2014 military coup. They may face one year in prison and fines.
Activist charged for expressing his views
Djeralar Miankeol was arrested on 15 June in Moundou, Chad, on orders by the public prosecutor of the Logone Occidental Region after a radio interview on 7 June in which he questioned the competence of judicial officials. He was charged the next day with «contempt of court».
Papuan activists detained and charged
Seven Papuan political activists have been detained as a result of their peaceful political activities. They have been charged with «incitement» and could face up to six years’ imprisonment. Three of the men have reported being beaten and burnt with cigarettes while in detention.
Human rights defender under surveillance
Colombian human rights defender Berenice Celeita was kept under surveillance by unidentified individuals after returning from a visit to the USA and Canada to expose human rights violations in Colombia.
Political activist jailed for speaking out
A political activist has been sentenced to five years in prison in Bahrain for describing the war in Yemen as a violation of international law. He is a prisoner of conscience.