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UA 089/15
Abgeschlossen am 22. April 2015

Detainee at risk of blindess without treatment

AI-Index: AFR 17/1471/2015

Foudama Ousmane has been detained for more than six months without charge. He has lost sight in both eyes and contracted pulmonary tuberculosis while in custody. He is not receiving the health care that he needs.

Foudama Ousmane, 32-year old man, was arrested and detained by the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) at Salak Military Camp, in Maroua, Northern Cameroon, on 26 September 2014 for his alleged affiliation to Boko Haram. He was held incommunicado in the military camp for 99 days by the BIR with no access to his family or legal representation, before he was transferred on 23 December 2014 to the Maroua prison.

In January 2015, Foudama Ousmane’s father visited him at the Maroua prison after contacts informed him of his whereabouts. During the first visit, he learnt that his son had lost sight in both eyes and contracted pulmonary tuberculosis during his detention at the Salak military camp. Foudama Ousmane is currently receiving medication for pulmonary tuberculosis but he has not yet been provided with the medical care needed for his eyes despite requests from his family to authorities including to the General Prosecutor and the Commissioner of the Government.

In late March, Amnesty International sent letters to relevant authorities in Cameroon (the Governor of the Far North Region, Commissioner of the Government, Commander of the Legion of the Far North Police, Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Minister of Justice, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization) requesting them to ensure he is provided with the medical treatment he required and given access to a lawyer.

There are serious concerns for Foudama Ousmane’s health as he is yet to receive adequate medical treatment which may increase the risk of permanent blindness.


Foudama Ousmane is a shop owner in Maroua. He was accused of being part of Boko Haram by a policeman whom he used to sell fuel to. From information received, the police officer turned on Foudama after he was asked to pay for fuel he had taken from his shop earlier.

The Brigade d'Intervention Rapide (Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR) is a tactical unit placed under the orders of the Chief of Staff of the army. The execution of its missions is subject to the prior approval of the President of the Republic of Cameroon. The BIR operates the Salak military camp.

Name: Foudama Ousmane

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