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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2015 04


Three Libyan men detained, at risk of torture
Two Libyan men, Mo’ad Mohammad al-Hashmi and ‘Adel Rajeb Nasif, were arrested by United Arab Emirates (UAE) security officials in September 2014. A third Libyan man, ‘Issa al-Manna’, was arrested on or around 12 March 2015. The three men have been subjected to enforced disappearance and may be at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.
Human rights lawyer constantly harassed
Human rights lawyer Rodrigo Higuera Zogaib has reported suffering constant intimidation and harassment as result of his work. The authorities have so far failed to guarantee his safety. A full investigation into these incidents must be carried out.
Political dissident must be released
Ciro Alexis Casanova Pérez has been detained in Cuba since June 2014. He was sentenced in December 2014 to one year’s imprisonment for «public disorder». Amnesty International considers him a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression.
Lawyer and activist imprisoned without trial
Human rights lawyer, Arão Bula Tempo and human rights activist, José Marcos Mavungo, were arrested on the morning of 14 March by Angolan security forces in the province of Cabinda, Angola. Accused of threatening state security, they have been imprisoned without trial and denied access to medical care.
Execution set, mental disability and race issues
Andre Cole, a 53-year-old African American man, is scheduled to be executed in Missouri on 14 April . He was sentenced to death in 2001 by an all-white jury. His lawyers say that his mental health has steadily and seriously deteriorated over recent years.
Parliamentarian detained without charge
Palestinian parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar has been given a six-month administrative detention order. She has chronic health problems, and now faces indefinite detention without charge or trial, after defying an Israeli order to ban her from her city.
Witnesses to activist’s killing put on trial
Seventeen people, including rights defender Azza Soliman, who testified about the killing of a peaceful activist in a march forcibly dispersed by Egyptian security forces have been put on trial: their first hearing will be on 9 May. They could face up to five years in jail.
Peasant farmer community at risk
Miguel Briceño, leader of the peasant farmer community of El Porvenir in central Colombia, has received repeated threatening telephone calls. Those occupying the community’s land are fencing it off, contrary to a judicial order.
Roma families at risk of forced eviction
Around 160 families, mainly Roma, are at risk of forced eviction in the «Numbered Streets» neighbourhood of Miskolc, Hungary. The authorities must ensure that no one is forcibly evicted from their homes.
Six men at imminent risk of execution
Six Egyptian men, have had their death sentences upheld by the Supreme Military Court and could be executed at any time for killing members of the security forces after a grossly unfair trial. They say they «confessed» under torture to belonging to an armed group.
Enforced disappearance of political activist
Sandara Farouq Kadouda, a mother of two, a medical doctor and political activist was taken by suspected members of the National Intelligence Security Service (NISS) on 12 April and her whereabouts remain unknown.
Disclose whereabouts of Tibetan writer
Druklo (pen-name Shokjang), a young Tibetan writer and blogger is believed to be arbitrarily detained with no access to a lawyer, and to be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. This happened after he wrote an article describing the increased presence of Chinese security officers ahead of a politically sensitive Tibetan anniversary.
Indigenous leader killed, other leaders at risk
An Indigenous leader who was monitoring artisanal mining was killed in the Cañamomo Lomaprieta Indigenous Reservation in central Colombia. Many other Indigenous leaders from the Reservation have been threatened and their safety remains at risk.
Four activists detained for symbolic action
Four human right activists were arrested in Goma on 7 April, when they were encouraging bystanders to take part in a symbolic action to demand the release of their colleagues held in secret detention in Kinshasa.
Detainee at risk of blindess without treatment
Foudama Ousmane has been detained for more than six months without charge. He has lost sight in both eyes and contracted pulmonary tuberculosis while in custody. He is not receiving the health care that he needs.
Journalist jailed for press freedom work
Moroccan journalist Hicham Mansouri is serving a 10-month prison term for «adultery» and other charges, handed down after an unfair trial. He appears to have been targeted for peacefully promoting investigative journalism. He is a prisoner of conscience.
Three indigenous people killed, others at risk
Members of the Indigenous community of Cerro Tijeras in northern Cauca Department, south-western Colombia, have been killed and others possibly forcibly disappeared. Further death threats against Indigenous Peoples in the area have also been reported.
Detained human rights activist risks torture
Adil Ibrahiem Bakheit, member of the Board of Trustees of the Sudan Human Rights Monitor (SHRM), human rights activist and trainer was arbitrarily arrested and charged by the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in Khartoum on 16 April. He may be at serious risk of torture and other ill-treatment.
Release prisoner tortured by police
Mexican police tortured Adrián Vasquez Lagunes in order to accuse him of serious crimes. He has been detained since September 2012 in the northern city of Tijuana. All the evidence against him was obtained under torture and on other violations of due process. On 7 April 2015 three of the possible torturers were charged. The authorities must release Adrián Vasquez and bring all responsible to account.
Life sentence for «confessing» under torture
Filipino national Ronaldo Lopez Ulep is serving a life sentence for espionage in a Qatari prison: he had «confessed» under torture. The verdict on his appeal will be announced on 31 May.
Hundreds of families facing forced evictions
Despite numerous complaints from residents the authorities are proceeding with a mass demolition project, and scores of families in the north of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, are facing forced evictions.
Life of a pregnant 10-year-old girl at risk
The life of a 10-year-old girl who is pregnant after having been raped by her stepfather is in danger. Despite the high risk this pregnancy poses and her mother’s request, access to safe abortion has not been yet provided.
Fears for detained Tibetan monk
Tibetan monk Choephel Dawa has not been heard from since he was detained by police on 28 March. It is not known where he is being held, or the charges against him, and he is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment.
Prisoner denied medical attention
One of the suspects in the murder of prominent Russian political activist Boris Nemtsov has complained of being denied adequate medical treatment by the authorities and other ill-treatment during his arrest and detention, raising fair trial concerns.
Roma families at risk of forced eviction
Eight Roma families, are at risk of forced eviction in Eforie, in south-east Romania by 30 April. The authorities must put in place key international human rights safeguards and ensure that no one is forcibly evicted.