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Abgeschlossen am 23. April 2014

Female activist released

AI-Index: ASA 17/024/2014

Anti-corruption activist Liu Hua was released from detention on 17 April. She was criminally detained for 37 days as a result of her work exposing abuses in China’s Re-Education Through Labour (RTL) system. The attention on her case following the Urgent Action may have contributed to her release, and Liu Hua has thanked all those who took action on her behalf.

Liu Hua was first detained on 10 March in Beijing by public security bureau officers and was transferred back to Shenyang, where she lives. She was held at the Shenyang Number 1 Detention Centre under the charge of “picking quarrels and making troubles”. She was questioned repeatedly by police officers about the allegations of torture that she raised in a documentary on the Masanjia Women’s RTL camp, and about her petitioning in Beijing during the National People’s Congress in February along with 20 other former Masanjia RTL inmates. She was treated relatively well while at the detention centre, but after her release, state security officials threatened that she would be detained again if she continues to talk about her experiences in RTL.

From 2006 to 2011, Liu Hua served three terms at the Masanjia Women’s RTL camp as a result of her efforts to expose corruption in her home village of Zhangliangbao. Following her release, she was interviewed as part of an investigative article by the Chinese photography magazine Lens on the appalling conditions in the Masanjia RTL camp. The article was published on 6 April 2013, and it helped galvanize public opinion against the RTL system. Liu Hua then featured prominently in the documentary The Women of Masanjia Labour Camp, which was released later in the year. In the film she vividly describes how RTL camp guards beat the female detainees, used electric batons to shock their breasts, inserted the batons and poured red hot chilies into their vaginas and put them into various torture devices such as “the Death Bed” and “the Tiger’s Bench”.

On 28 December 2013, the government passed a resolution that abolished the Re-education Through Labour (RTL) system.

Many thanks to all those who took part in this action. We will continue to monitor her situation, however no more action from the Urgent Action Network is required at this time.

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