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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2013 12


Opposition candidate shot and killed
An opposition party candidate in the forthcoming municipal elections in Venezuela has been shot and killed. Concerns about violence in the context of the elections remain.
Confesses under torture, facing execution
Khaled Khalifa Mahmud, a 36-year-old Iraqi man who was sentenced to death in October 2009 after an unfair trial, is at imminent risk of execution in Iraq. His contested “confession”, allegedly obtained under torture, was admitted as evidence against him. His conviction was upheld by the Court of Cassation in 2010.
Protestors unfiarly detained
Nine street protestors have been detained in Ukraine and are facing eight-year prison sentences. One is in urgent need of medical care.
Egyptian activists face trial for protesting
Three Egyptian activists are facing trial for taking part in a protest on 30 November 2013. The charges against them may arise solely from their opposition activism. Two of the activists, Ahmed Maher and Ahmed Douma, are in detention pending trial.
Ecuadorian police shut down NGO
Police officers closed the offices of Fundación Pachamama, an Ecuadorian NGO working on Indigenous Peoples and environmental rights. The closure order alleged that the organization was interfering in public policies and threatening the security of the state. The organization has denied any involvement in violent acts. Other organizations may be at risk of closure.
Families forcibly evicted, 100 more at risk
Around 60 families have been forcibly evicted from their homes in an informal settlement in the area of Titanyen on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. A further 100 families face a similar threat. Many of them are victims of the January 2010 earthquake who had already been forcibly evicted from their makeshift camp in May 2012.
Jailed activist ill and in need of medical care
Iranian political activist Hootan Dolati has been repeatedly denied medical treatment by the clinic in Tehran’s Evin Prison. He has been on hunger strike since 28 November, in protest at being denied medical care for his chronic heart condition.
Honduran journalist shot and killed
On 7 December Honduran journalist Juan Carlos Argeñal was shot and killed by two unidentified men in his house. Honduras is an extremely dangerous country for journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders to carry out their work. A full and impartial investigation is urgently needed.
Imminent execution: opposition party member
Abdul Quader Mollah, a senior member of a Bangladeshi opposition political party, is at imminent risk of execution after a warrant for his execution was issued on 5 December. The Supreme Court had sentenced him to death for crimes against humanity. His family have reportedly been summoned by the jail authorities to visit him immediately.
Children, elderly at risk of forced eviction
Around 30 Roma families in Istanbul are under threat of forced eviction to make way for road construction. The families are currently living in shacks in precarious conditions.
High-school student detained, as supports ex-president
High-school student Khaled Mohamed Bakara was arrested on 25 November at his school, after his teachers found he was using stationery with a symbol supporting Egypt’s ousted president, Mohamed Morsi. He is a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression.
Fear for safety of environmental activists
There are growing concerns for the safety of Carlos Zorrilla, an environmental activist in Ecuador, and others who have protested against development projects in the northern region of Intag. These concerns come after Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa repeatedly attacked their activities during his weekly addresses to the nation.
Two students incommunicado, halth at risk
Two Syrian students, Marwa and her brother Mohamed Tuffaha, have been held incommunicado at an unknown location for over two months in conditions that amount to enforced disappearance. Both require regular medication.
Detained journalist alleges torture
Detained journalist Parviz Hashimli has been tortured, but his complaints remain ignored by the court.
Demand release of Chinese activist
Veteran activist Zhang Lin is at risk of being sentenced to five years in prison as a result of his peaceful activism defending his daughter’s right to education. It is believed that he has been targeted due to his association with the “New Citizens’ Movement”. His trial will begin on 18 December. He has several health problems and may not be receiving the medical treatment he requires.
Refugees and migrants at risk
The Bulgarian authorities are failing to adequately respond to the needs of the increasing number of refugees and migrants crossing the Bulgarian-Turkish border, many of whom are fleeing the Syrian armed conflict. The asylum-seekers in Bulgaria are exposed to substandard living conditions characterized by overcrowding and a lack of adequate sanitation; in addition to a lack of food supplies and access to health-care.
Mexican national facing execution
A 46-year-old Mexican national is due to be executed in Texas on 22 January in violation of international law. He was denied his consular rights after arrest and he has not received the judicial review of this issue ordered by the International Court of Justice.
Political activist detained, health at risk
United Arab Emirates (UAE) national Obaid Yousef al-Zaabi has been detained after giving an interview to CNN on 11 December. He had been arrested and charged earlier in the year after tweeting about human rights issues in the country. His whereabouts are unknown and his health, already poor, could deteriorate in detention.
Two cousins near execution after unfait trial
Two cousins, Bara’ Ibrahim Muhammad and Taysir Jassim Muhammad, are at imminent risk of execution in Iraq. They were sentenced to death after an unfair trial on 8 August 2010.
Activist killed, other members at risk
On 17 December armed people were looking for peasant farmer leader Olga Lucía Quintero at her home in Cúcuta, north-eastern Colombia. Another peasant farmer from the same organisation had been found dead on 2 December.
Children detained for «rioting»
Two Bahraini boys, Jehad Nabeel al-Samee’ and ‘Abdullah Yousif al-Bahraini, are being held in a juvenile detention centre for investigation. They were brought before the Juvenile Prosecution on 18 December, accused of «attacking a police patrol with stones» and «illegal gathering and rioting».
Children detained, threatened
Two young Bahraini cousins, Sayed Tameem Majed Ahmad Majed and Sayed Hashim Alwai Ahmad Majed, have been detained since 8 December in the juvenile detention centre in ‘Issa Town, south of the capital, Manama. The Juvenile Prosecution has renewed the order for their detention twice.
Elderly man imprisoned for reading Qu’ran
A British man of the Ahmadi sect has been imprisoned in Pakistan for reciting a passage from the Qu’ran, a prohibited act for Ahmadis under the country’s blasphemy laws.
Anti-homosexuality bill passed in parliament
The Ugandan Parliament has passed a bill which entrenches discrimination and hatred against lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and intersex people. The Bill is now with the President who can veto the Bill or ask Parliament to reconsider specific provisions.
New trial marred by human rights violations
Twenty Egyptian and 10 UAE nationals, including at least three prisoners of conscience, face long prison sentences in a new mass trial whose latest session took place on 17 December. Those detained have apparently not been allowed to see a lawyer. Their verdict is due on 21 January 2014. If convicted, they will have no right to appeal.
Son of detained man abducted outside court
Qatari national Abdulrahman al-Jaidah was beaten and abducted by unidentified men on 23 December outside the Federal Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where his father is on trial in a case marred by torture allegations. Abdulrahman al-Jaidah’s whereabouts are unknown and he may be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment.