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UA 263/13
Abgeschlossen am 8. November 2013

Imprisoned activist’s health at risk

AI-Index: AMR 41/062/2013

Social activist Adela Gómez Martínez’s health is at risk while she is in a prison in El Amate de Cintalapa, Chiapas State, Mexico. There is fear for her safety and that the detention could be a reprisal for her activism.

Amnesty International has learned that Adela Gómez Martínez has not received adequate health care during her detention in the state prison (Centro de Reinserción Social de Setenciados No.14, CERSS No14). Adela Gómez Martínez suffers a serious and chronic illness affecting her bones which requires specific medical treatment. She also has a second-degree burn to her left hand which she suffered prior to her arrest. She has apparently not had sufficient medical attention for either condition.

On 15 August, Federal and municipal police carried out the arrest, without presenting a warrant, of Adela Gómez Martínez, her partner Noé Hernández Caballero, their children Tania Itzel Rincón Gómez and Pavel Marx Hernández Gómez in front of the family house. Tania Itzel Rincón Gómez and Pavel Marx Hernández Gómez were released later but during the arrest they reported being beaten, insulted and threatened by the police members. One police officer told them: “Do not get involved. If you do, you know what? You will go to hell” (No se metan, si no, ¿saben qué? Se le va a cargar la chingada)”. Tania Itzel Rincón Gómez also reported having been sexually assaulted by a woman police officer while she was in detention.

Adela Gómez Martínez and Noé Hernández Caballero are members of the Popular Power National Organization (Organización Nacional del Poder Popular, ONPP), a grass roots organization. On 8 August the ONPP and other grass roots political organization in Chiapas held a demonstration, blocking an international bridge, demanding actions from the government of Chiapas state. On the day of the arrests, the authorities cancelled a meeting with Noé Hernández Caballero and Tania Itzel Rincón Gómez and brought charges of rioting and extortion against Adela Gómez Martínez and Noé Hernández Caballero apparently in relation for the protest of 8 August.

Additional Information

The ONPP is a social organization that was established in 2006. It coordinates around 10 different groups which demand actions from local authorities, for example on access to resources, financial assistance, social projects and land issues affecting indigenous and peasant communities, as well as release of prisoners belonging to their organizations.

Name: Adela Gómez Martínez (f), Noé Hernández Caballero (m), Tania Itzel Rincón Gómez (f), Pavel Marx Hernández Gómez (m)

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