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The conviction of journalist Abdiaziz Abdnur Ibrahim has been quashed, and he was released by the Supreme Court on 17 March. Mehr


Independent journalist and prisoner of conscience Calixto Ramón Martínez Arias is on hunger strike to protest against his detention in Cuba. As a result, he has been placed in solitary confinement in ... Mehr


Abdiaziz Abdnur Ibrahim, who had been found guilty on 5 February of "insulting a national institution", had his sentence upheld by Somalia's Appeals Court on 3 March. The woman who claimed she had ... Mehr


Freelance journalist Abdiaziz Abdnur Ibrahim has been found guilty of insulting a national institution, following his investigation into an alleged rape involving government forces. The woman who ... Mehr


Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Faysal al-Qassem’s execution has been suspended, pending further investigations into his case and age. Mehr


Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Faysal al-Qassem has been told by the General Prosecutor’s office that he will be executed this coming Sunday, 10 February . His age at the time of the murder for which he was ... Mehr


Independent journalist Calixto Ramón Martínez Arias has been detained since September 2012 in Cuba in relation to his work. Amnesty International believes he is a prisoner of conscience solely ... Mehr


Hundreds of families have been forcibly evicted from two makeshift camps in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Neither camp was given enough time to gather their belongings before their shelters were destroyed. Mehr


Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Faysal al-Qassem is at imminent risk of execution after the President of Yemen ratified his death sentence. His age at the time of his alleged crime remains in dispute. He could ... Mehr


Human rights defender Martha Elena Díaz Ospina has found a death threat, accusing her of being a guerrilla, on the doorstep of her house in Barranquilla, northern Colombia. Mehr

49 Artikel
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