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Abgeschlossen am 24. März 2011

Man at risk of torture after brothers dies

AI-Index: MDE 14/021/2011

An Iraqi man detained on 7 March by a joint US-Iraqi force in Iraq is at high risk of torture after his brother, detained with him, reportedly died in custody.

Khalil Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Azzawi al-Jibbouri, a school teacher, was arrested together with his brother, Ayad Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Azzawi al-Jibbouri, in the early hours of 7 March in Tikrit,140 km north-west of Baghdad. A joint US-Iraqi force raided their house, and took both brothers away. On 8 March the family of Ayad and Khalil received a call from the morgue in Tikrit asking them to collect Ayad’s body. Members of the family were informed at the morgue that the US forces had brought Ayad Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Azzawi al-Jibbouri‘s body. According to the family, the body had visible bullet injuries, including in the head and chest.

Khalil Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Azzawi al-Jibbouri‘s family was informed by local authorities that he was initially held in US custody in Tikrit and transferred to the Iraqi government’s Anti-Terror Department in Baghdad on or about 10 March. His family and lawyer have not been able to visit him and have not been informed whether any charges have been brought against him.

Amnesty International wrote to the US forces in Iraq on 10 March requesting clarification on where Khalil Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Azzawi al-Jibbouri is being held, the reason and legal basis for his arrest, and calling for him to be protected from torture or other ill-treatment. However, to date, the organisation has not received any answer.

Additional Information

Torture and other ill-treatment were widespread in Iraq before the US-led invasion in 2003 and continued in prisons and detention facilities controlled by coalition forces and the new Iraqi governments. After US forces handed over thousands of prisoners to Iraqi custody between early 2009 and July 2010 without any guarantees that they will be protected, there is every likelihood that torture and ill-treatment will remain widespread. Urgent action is needed to end the pattern of abuse and to help the victims and their families.

Amnesty International has recently highlighted the pattern of torture in the following reports:
Broken bodies, tortured minds: Abuse and neglect of detainees in Iraq (
New order, same abuses: Unlawful detentions and torture in Iraq (

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