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UA 218/10
Abgeschlossen am 18. November 2010

10,000 at imminent risk of forced eviction

AI-Index: AFR 20/011/2010

Around 10,000 people are at risk of forced eviction from Ambatta, in N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad. The authorities have told people living in the area to leave their homes by the end of the rainy season, around mid-October, to enable the construction of modern houses. The affected people have not been consulted about this decision and have not been offered any alternative housing.

At the beginning of May 2010, a group of people unknown to the inhabitants of Ambatta started painting red crosses on the walls of the houses in the neighbourhood, and told the residents they had to leave their homes. In June, the Minister of Planning, Urbanism and Habitat visited Ambatta and announced that the area was to be used by the authorities to build ''social housing'' as part of government plans to build 10,000 social houses in N'Djamena. The authorities did not offer any form of compensation to the residents of Ambatta neighbourhood. Previously, the authorities had told the residents of Ambatta that it was a protected area where house building was prohibited.

On 15 May, the residents of Ambatta met and formed a committee to negotiate with the authorities and defend their rights. The committee have sent several letters to the Chadian authorities including to the President of the Republic, the President of the National Assembly and the Minister of Planning, Urbanism and Habitat, but have not received any reply.

Some of the residents of Ambatta have been living there for more than 20 years. Most of the residents work in low-paid professions such as teaching and community work, and most do not have an alternative place to live if their homes are demolished. In addition to houses, there are also five community schools in Ambatta that also face demolition.

Additional Information

Forced evictions have been carried out in N’Djamena since March 2008 in total lack of respect for legal protection and other safeguard measures that are required under both the Chadian laws and the international standards to which Chad is a party. In the past Chadian authorities started to demolish houses without prior and genuine consultation with the affected communities to identify alternatives to evictions and on resettlement options and adequate alternative accommodation. No effective remedies such as just and fair compensation were given by the Chadian authorities.

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